Women of Star Trek
Major Characters

Nyota Uhura
Christine Chapel
Janice Rand

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Episode & Movie Characters
(episodes in production order)
The Pilot Episodes
"The Cage" Number One
Yeoman Colt
Crew Woman
"Where No Man
Has Gone
Dr. Elizabeth Dehner
Yeoman Smith

First Season Episodes
"Mudd's Women" Eve McHuron
Magda Kovas
Ruth Bonaventure
"The Man Trap" Nancy Crater
"Charlie X" Tina Lawton
"Balance of Terror" Angela Martine
"What Are Little Girls Made Of?" Andrea
"Dagger of The Mind" Dr. Helen Noel
"Miri" Miri
"The Conscience of The King" Lenore Karidian Martha Leighton
"The Galileo Seven" Yeoman Mears
"Court-Martial" Lt. Areel Shaw
Jamie Finney
"The Menagerie" Miss Piper
also see "The Cage" above in Pilots
"Shore Leave" Ruth
Tonia Barrows
Angela Martine
"The Squire of Gothos" Teresa Ross
"The Alternative Factor" Lt. Charlene Masters
"The Return of the Archons" Tula
"A Taste of Armageddon" Mea 3
Yeoman Tamura
"Space Seed" Lt. Marla McGivers
"This Side of Paradise" Leila Kalomi
"The City on the Edge of Forever" Edith Keeler
"Operation: Annihilate!" Aurelan Kirk
Zahra Jamal
Second Season Episodes
"Catspaw" Sylvia
"Metamorphosis" Nancy Hedford
"Friday's Child" Eleen
"Who Mourns
for Adonais?"
Lt. Carolyn Palamas
"Amok Time" T'Pring
"The Doomsday Machine" Lt. Palmer
"Wolf in the Fold" Sybo
Yeoman Tankris
Karen Tracy
"The Apple" Martha Landon
"Mirror, Mirror" Lt. Marlena Moreau
"The Deadly
Elaine Johnson
Janet Wallace
Arlene Galway
Doris Atkins
"I, Mudd" Stella Mudd
Alice Series
Barbara Series
Maisie Series
"Bread and Circuses" Drusilla
"Journey to Babel" Amanda
"A Private Little War" Nona
"The Gamesters of Triskelion" Shahna
Ensign Jana Haines (?)
"By Any Other Name" Kelinda
Yeoman Leslie Thompson
"Return to Tomorrow" Dr. Ann Mulhall
"Patterns of Force" Daras
"The Omega Glory" Sirah
"Assignment: Earth" Roberta Lincoln Isis

Women of Star Trek
Third Season Episodes
"Spectre of the Gun" Sylvia
"Elaan of Troyius" Elaan
"The Paradise Syndrome" Miramanee
"The Enterprise Incident" Romulan Commander
"Spock's Brain" Kara
"Is There in Truth No Beauty" Dr. Miranda Jones
"The Empath" Gem
"For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched The Sky" Natira
"The Day of The Dove" Mara
"Plato's Stepchildren" Philana
"Wink of an Eye" Deela
"That Which Survives" Losira
Lt. Rahda
"Whom Gods Destroy" Marta
"The Mark of Gideon" Odona
"The Lights of Zetar" Lt. Mira Romaine
"The Cloudminders" Droxine
"The Way to Eden" Irina Galliulin
Lt. Palmer
"Requiem for Methuselah" Rayna Kapec
"All Our Yesterdays" Zarabeth
"Turnabout Intruder" Dr. Janice Lester
Communications Officer Angela
Star Trek Movies
"Star Trek:
The Motion Picture"
Chief De Falco
"Star Trek:
The Wrath of Khan"
Carol Marcus
"Star Trek:
The Search for Spock"
Vulcan High Priestress
Grissom Helm
bar waitress
"Star Trek:
The Voyage Home"
Dr. Gillian Taylor
Saratoga Captain
Starfleet Officer
Hospital Doctor
Lady in Tour
Lady in Street
"Star Trek:
The Final Frontier"
Caithlin Dar
Vulcan High Priestess
"Star Trek:
The Undiscovered Country"
Lt. Valeris
Chancellor Azetbur
Military Aide

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